Experimental archaeology

The foundation

"Experimental archaeology" is an archaeological sub-discipline. Through the use of scientific methods, techniques or analyses and by means of controlled reproducible experimentation, it (EA) reviews archaeological Interpretations and in doing so leads to new archaeological and historical findings.

The actual scientific experiment is rarely suitable for an audience because it requires certain parameters and follows strict rules that are generally not met at a public event. However, the findings of "Experimental Archaeology" can be visualised and made experienceable in exhibitions by means of craft demonstrations or authentic recreations of historical conditions.

In doing so, EAS advocates for standards of quality and a scientifically accurate mediation.

In 1994 Peter Kelterborn published a groundbreaking article about this topic in our journal (in German). Peter Kelterborn, Was ist ein wissenschaftliches Experiment?, in: AEAS/GAES-Anzeiger 1994, S. 7-9.